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The Legendary FIRST® TPI fuel injection intake manifold! 

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A little about the FIRST TPI mission statement


It is important to know that we take a much different approach than most of our competitors with our intake.  We do not produce the FIRST TPI intake system based on the amount of profit we make on each one, we produce the FIRST TPI intake because it works and it is our passion. Therefore, we will always have the FIRST TPI and all the parts and support available. It is not our plan in the future to ever stop producing or stop having these parts available to past and future customers. Most of the TPI aftermarket companies choose to end the sale and support for their products based on supply and demand, that is why they have stopped the support on their products. We do not do business that way and fortunately for all the people that love and know the potential of this TPI intake we do not care about supply and demand.  So if the demand ever did slow down, (which looks like it never will!) We will still be here for parts and support..... it is not all about the money here.  So with that, there's much to see here, so take your time....look around... and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to contact us.


About US


Our Background

FIRST Performance is an automotive performance company that was founded in 2000. We are a small  family owned and operated company with over 30 years experience in the automotive industry, that strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We are also the home of the legendary FIRST® TPI intake manifold, which in our opinion is the most bad a** intake available on the market today! We are an automotive driven company  that does everything from Performance work to complete restorations, fabrication and also have a full machining facility.


The FIRST® TPI Intake

Our FIRST ® Tpi intake is an all brand new intake cast in 356-T6. This intake "as cast"  w/ 1.75" ID runners and a 1204 port offers over 30% more flow than the stock GM tpi.  This intake can also be opened up to a 1207 port and 1.9" ID runners. We  also offer all kinds of fuel injection systems and accessories, along with complete intake and electronics packages to fit all different types of projects and budgets. We also do installations, so we can help you through your installation with our experience.


Services offered

First Performance offers custom made fuel injection intakes and systems, performance work from mild to wild, complete custom paint work and automotive restorations from purist resurrections to off the wall wild modified beasts! We have a 12,000 sq ft facility with 3 CNC milling centers, 1 CNC turning center, and a SF600 flow bench. We also have a complete welding/fabrication area. We use the newest technology PPG envirobase waterborne paint system and we are a PPG certified facility.

Some stock


We usually keep plenty of parts on hand, however we do only machine certain parts ahead and others need to be machined when the order is placed. This allows us to custom build each intake system for each customer. These are by no means a mass produced product and are proudly made in the USA!

Stock GM TPI runner comparison


This picture shows you the massive size difference between the diameter of the runner passages of the FIRST®  over the stock GM runner diameter. This is not trick photography, the GM runners are even front to back with the FIRST® base runner entrance.

Another size comparison


This picture shows another size comparison to the whole GM unit.

Side mount option


You can use the option to mount the throttle body on the side of the plenum for those tight installs.

Side by side runner comparison


Another comparison to the stock GM runners.

Dyno proven!


FIRST® TPI on the engine dyno.

A few intakes ready for assembly


A few intakes ready to ship


Local car show booth


Intake restoration before


Have an old intake or one that has seen better days?

Intake restoration before


We offer intake restorations, to revive your system.

Intake restoration completed


Just like new!

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Please note:  We can not always get to the phone, as we are a working shop. So in the event you do call please be sure to leave a message.

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