Bristol, Wisconsin, United States

Welcome to the home of the FIRST® TPI fuel injection intake manifold

Collin's Ultima UK

Ray's Corvette, PA

Jim's 73 Chevelle

Collin's engine

Ray's Engine

Jim's 73 Chevelle engine

John's Air Boat

Henkka's Corvette

Kyle's 1988 Iroc Z Camaro

John's Air boat engine

Henkka's Corvette engine

Kyle's Iroc Z Camaro engine

Ed's Corvette, Texas

Tim's 1979 Corvette

Art's 1977 Corvette

Ed's Corvette Engine

Tim's Corvette Engine

Art's engine

Jim's1977 Vette

Roberts 1968 Landcruiser, CA

Doug's 1982 Jeep CJ8, Oklahoma

1977 Corvette Engine

Robert's Landcruiser Engine

Doug's 1982 Jeep Engine

Alan's 1987 Corvette, Alberta

Jim's 1956 Chevy

Ed's 1952 Willys, California

Alan's Corvette Engine

Jim's 1956 Chevy Engine

Ed's engine

Jim's Jeep

Steve's 1980 Camaro, VA

Mike's 1989 Corvette

Jim's Jeep Engine

Steve's Camaro Engine

Mike's Corvette Engine

Pat's Jeep, Florida

Greg's 1994 Caprice Classic, Alabama

Gary's Trans Am

Pat's Jeep Engine

Greg's Caprice Engine

Gary's Trans Am engine

Larry's 1964 Corvette, CO

Rod's 1955 Chevy Step side, CA

Ryan's 1984 GMC Truck, AZ

Larry's 1964 Corvette engine

Rod's 1955 Chevy Engine

Ryan's GMC truck Engine

Peter's 86 C4 Corvette, Australia

John's 1986 Corvette


Peter's C4 Corvette, Australia

John's Corvette Engine


Ingo's Awesome ride, Germany

Mike's 1987 Cutlass, New York

Bob's GTO, PA

Ingo's Engine

Mike's 1987 Cutlass Engine

Bob's GTO Engine

Buz's 1934 Ford, Colorado

Brent's 1967 Camaro, WA

Chris's 1973 Jeep

Buz's Engine

Brent's Engine

Chris's Jeep Engine

Gary's 1995 GMC 4x4, Canada

Johan's Awesome ride, Sweden

Harold's 1987 Camaro, Texas

Garys 95 GMC Engine

Johan's Engine, Sweden

Harold's 1987 Camaro Engine

Jack's 1968 Chevelle, Texas

Joe's 1955 Chevy, IL

Bill's CJ7 California

Jack's Chevelle engine

Joe's 1955 Engine

Bill's CJ7 Engine

Tony's 1971 Chevelle, IL

Merle's 1948 Chevy

Randy's Jeep, Oregon

Tony's Chevelle Engine

Merle's 1948 Chevy Engine

Randy's Jeep Engine

Mike's 1932 Ford

Chevy Monza

Kurt's 1992 Vector W8 Twin Turbo

Mike's 1932 Ford Engine

Chevy Monza Engine

Vector Engine

Andrew's Camaro

Brian's Austin Healy kit car

Roy's beautiful CEO

Andrew's engine

Brian's Engine

CEO engine